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Connor Hance

As one of the top Pickleball coaches on the internet and head coach of my own Pickleball facility, know that you are in the right hands. I have taught thousands of beginners just like you.

There’s a reason that Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country. There’s not many other ways that you can have this much fun, make new friends, and get great exercise. 

The best part is that regardless of your physical ability or age, you will be able to play. The Pickleball community is accepting of everyone!

Imagine looking back at yourself a year from now with an amazing new hobby that you love. 

You just have to get started…

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Learn the Pickleball Blueprint in 1 Hour – Instructed by Expert Coach Connor Hance, Top 30 Pro Player. 

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For less the than the cost of 1 private Pickleball lesson, You will get as much information as 5 full length lessons that could cost you hundreds of Dollars. The best part is that you can get through everything in around an hour! If you don't find the course extremely helpful, and you don't start winning games after this lesson, I'll give you a complete refund. Just send me an email.